Fleas can be a real nuisance, both for you and your beloved pets. The sooner you get rid of those fleas, the happier your furry friends will be. When you are wondering about effective flea control in Overland Park, you have come to the right place. Here are the steps you can take to remove fleas from your pets.

Bathe Your Pet

Give your pet a bath using lukewarm water and mild soap. This simple method can help get fleas off of your pet’s skin and out of their fur. Be cautious before using a special flea shampoo, as it may cause irritation for your pet in certain situations. Talk to your vet before using one of these. When your pet is allergic to fleas, they will be even more sensitive and may have open wounds or raw spots on their skin. The chemicals sometimes found in flea shampoos can actually increase the irritation and make any potential infections worse. A bath is highly recommended, but not required, especially if you believe your pet will be a handful.

Comb Your Pet’s Hair

Using a fine-tooth flea comb, pet your pet’s hair to trap fleas and get them out. Fur will pass through the teeth of the comb, but fleas will get captured. You can even remove flea feces using this method as well. Areas by the neck and tail are the most common places you will find fleas, so take special care in these areas.

Kill the Fleas

Being the size of a poppy or sesame seed, fleas are incredibly small and are usually brown or red in color. When you see a flea on your flea comb, place the comb in hot and soapy water. This will effectively kill the flea. Avoid trying to crush them, because they are quick jumpers and may get away.

This is a good starting point on your journey to helping your pets become flea-free. For some effective ways to prevent fleas on your pets, you can read this informative article.

Professional Flea Treatment

If you are looking for a professional flea treatment in Overland Park, Mantis Pest Solutions can help you out. These treatments treat your yard and kills and incoming fleas preventing fleas and other pests from entering your home.  Although if you go to the dog park or take your pet to other places it is still recommended to bathe and combe your pet’s hair for fleas in conjunction with a flea treatment for your yard and home.