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Welcome to Superior Pest management services

Finding pests in your home in unnerving to say the least, even the cleanest of homes can be invaded by unwanted guests.  Trying to get rid of them on your home can seem like a battle you just aren’t winning.  We can help.  Our team of experienced pest control technicians are ready and waiting to take on your pest problem and eradicate them for good!

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Who we are

Superior Pest Management are licensed and certified pest control experts.  With 10+ years of experience we have a proven track record of putting our clients need first.  We built our business on good service and fair prices.


What we do

Our team provides the most effective pest control for both residential and commercial clients.  We have been serving the community for more than a decade and we hope to continue providing our services far into the future.


Our Services

We can handles any type of infestation you can imagine, from bed bugs, termites, scorpion removal, rodent control and anything else.  Our team uses on the safest of products, our products are safe for your family and your pets.

Why Work with us

We work to keep homes and business pest free throughout the metro area. 

Any infestation needs to be dealt with promptly no matter the species of rodent or insect.  You can kill some pests with over the counter bug sprays others are not so easy to get rid of and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get rid of them.  We are the #1 pest control company in the area and our pest control technicians have years of training and experience eradicating all types of pest. Here are some reasons to work with us.

  • Our team have seen it all, no matter how sever your infestation is we are ready to handle it. We can help you get rid of unwanted guests and reclaim your home.
  • We use only the safest techniques and chemical sprays on the market. If we have to fumigate your home we will take every safety precaution imaginable.  We refuse to put your family or your pets in danger.  We treat each and every home with the utmost courtesy and respect. 
  • Our services are discrete and we go out of our way to make sure there are little no interruptions to your business or home life. At the same time we do everything necessary to effectively rid you of your unwanted pests.
  • We offer preventative services to our commercial clients to continue to make sure that your business stays pest free!

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