The termite is the bane of any serious homeowner or renovator, undermining the integral structure of any building it infests. If you’re serious about taking the right steps to ensure the humble termite steers well clear of your place, enact our handy tips below.

Inspect anything wooden

Did you hear the one about the wooden car, with wooden wheels and wooden doors and wooden seats?

It wooden go…

Anyway, now the blog has the obligatory Dad joke out of the way, we are talking about wood, which unless you’re a maniac, shouldn’t be what your car is made out of. But your back deck, your stairs, walls, even swing sets are known termite hangouts. Inspect them thoroughly visually and by rapping on the wood looking for a hollow sound.

Build a wall

A barrier to the outside world, particularly around the base of the home, is a simple and easy defense to stop termites ever breaking into your fortress of solitude. Ensure there are no cracks or entrances into your home all the way around, and plug up any that you find.

Keep your firewood somewhere outside

This sounds obvious because it is. Termites often get to firewood before it’s even cut down, and stay in the hollow, dead logs that are most often grabbed for firewood. Bringing it into your home is like inviting the termites to a buffet. Try to keep it off the ground and outside.

Mow your damn lawn

This isn’t just termite specific – it will stop fleas and other nasties too – but a strict regime of lawn maintenance eliminates all that green cover that the termites and other bugs could use to infiltrate the premises. Plus it looks nice and your significant other will probably be impressed, which is always a win.

Book an inspection

According to the experts at Pest Alert, the leading pest control in Dubbo, true peace of mind only comes from booking a licensed professional. A thorough inspection can identify and put you on the right path to eradicating all presence of termites in your home, saving you time and money when you spot them early. 

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