Richmond is a thriving city where culture and character converge in a stunning setting. Where the refined mixes with the raw and contrasts are celebrated. It’s a place that’s constantly redefining itself. Dynamic and alive, it encourages visitors to leave their comfort zone and rewards them with unique and authentic experiences.It’s where Pacific culture and true Canadian coastal experiences yield constant discovery. Whatever you crave—incredible international cuisine, breathtaking outdoor adventure, or captivating relics of the past—Richmond is an experience truly Canadian in its multicultural essence and authentically Pacific in its appeal.
Affordable and accommodating, Richmond offers over 20 major hotels for visitors to choose from. It is home to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and is situated only 30 minutes from both downtown Vancouver, BC and the USA/Canada border.
This is a place that delights senses and ignites curiosity. This is Pacific. Authentic. Richmond BC.


Pests in Richmond

Many homes in Richmond experience problems with pests and need assistance with pest control and termite control. Natural Pest Solutions is here to help protect your home with pest control Richmond. Not only are we an industry leader for pest control and termite defense, we are also the third largest residential pest control company in Canada. We offer pest control and termite protection services to the entire Richmond, BC area including West Cambie, East Cambie, Gilbert, Burkeville, Steveston, Brighouse, East Richmond, Broadmoor, Shellmont Ironwood, Finn Slough, and Golden Village.

Natural Pest Solutions
8771 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3X7

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