To get rid of fleas using the Citric acid of Lemons

High levels of citric acid is found in lemons which in turn is one of the most effective and natural ways to kill fleas. You can make a spray of lemon juice and spray it on pets, carpet and furniture, on all the places where you see or suspect fleas to be in and around your home or work place. While spraying the critic acid try to keep your eyes covered and protected and avoid rubbing your eyes during your pest control process. Another solution can be in the use of an apple cider vinegar solution (a mix of 2:1 ratio with water). When you heat the apple cider vinegar solution the fleas get attracted towards it. It will not kill them like lemon but it will move them from your pets fur, your furniture or carpets in a way that will allow you to trap them ready for disposal.

Getting rid of fleas using salt

Sprinkle finely ground salt over the carpets throughout your home and leave it for anything from 24 to 48 hours to work its magic in dehydrating adult fleas. Then vacuum it up and empty the vacuum in the trash outside. Although this flea control works on living adult fleas, it will not kill baby fleas or flea larvae. Salt is a simple and easy repellent for getting rid of fleas and is easily available in the market.

To get rid of fleas using plants

If you want a more natural remedy the best way is to use naturally growing plants such as lemongrass, mint and basil. These plants contain oils, compounds and chemicals which fleas absolutely hate and try to avoid at all costs. These plants can be placed anywhere in the house also in flower pots. Herbs and plants will not just make your house green and beautiful but it can help keep it flea free.

To get rid of fleas use cloves

Cloves are strongly smelling flower buds of a plant. Cloves only grows in a few countries but thankfully are available in almost all parts of the world. Cloves have a comforting effect on mouth tissues and deliver other medicinal properties too. But as far as fleas are concerned, the use of just a couple of drops of clove oil will drive them away. Fleas hate aromatic oils, so at the first hint of this oil fleas with jump off and run away.

Using Borate and Botanic Dust to get rid of fleas

As an effective and safe way to get rid of fleas you can use borate and botanic dust. These are natural pesticides that are safe to use around both pets and humans. Borate dust, sometimes called sodium borate, continues to kill fleas as long as it remains dry. When you mix borate dust with botanic dust in equal parts and sprinkle it over areas where fleas are infested it not only kills fleas but it stop them from reproducing too. Please note, although this is a powerful way to kill fleas you should not sprinkle it on pets directly, as it could cause skin or respiratory irritation for them.