Roaches are very unsanitary and can make your friends, home occupants, or you feel like your home isn’t clean. More importantly, the sight of one roach in your restaurant can leave your customers with no choice but to choose another eatery. In fact, roaches in your restaurant can lead to a failing score with health food inspectors. Roaches carry disease and can quickly turn into an out of control infestation. If you want to take action in between your professional exterminator service calls, the following user-friendly guide will give you a few simple tips to get rid of roaches in your home or business.

How To Successfully Get Rid Of Roaches

1. Cockroaches are attracted to water leaks. If you’ve started to notice roaches around the cupboards or in the bathroom, you should immediately check for leaks and seal those cracks around the pipes as soon as possible. Roaches will also travel up your drainage system. One way to stop them from crawling through the pipes is by using drain covers in your sinks. Furthermore, after you wash dishes make sure your dishes are dry and the inside of the sink is also dried thoroughly to minimize the threat of roaches.

2. Don’t hesitate to spend money on store bought remedies to get rid of cockroaches. You can use traps, sprays, and chalk acids or gels to help you with a roach infestation. Be sure to use roach traps in areas that are free of small children or pets like in the cupboards, behind the refrigerator, and places that are out of sight like a closed closet area or behind the washer and dryer. Wherever you notice roaches the most, is where you should lay down store bought traps to catch and rid your home or business of roaches once and for all. The best retail store roach killer is the ones that use chemicals to destroy the nest. Here are some places to place your roach traps.

3. Minimize the amount of open trash that you leave exposed in your home or business. Roaches are attracted to garbage and are always looking for their next meal by or in the trash. Remember, with a small infestation, cockroaches do the most searching at night, but once it turns into an infestation, you will start to see roaches all times of the day.

It’s not secret, roaches are the most despised home or commercial pest because they can migrate quickly. The best way to get rid of them once and for all is by hiring a professional exterminator. A professional will have the proper tools and chemicals to remove cockroaches from your home safely and quickly without any hassle.